In early 2001, Valerie Oberle and Joan Hutton founded Women’s Leadership Network in Southwest Orlando. It’s purpose was to create an organization that supports the success of women in all aspects of life at the highest level through personal growth, professional growth and giving back to the community.

   It has provided and continues to provide a variety of events on a year round basis that establish a framework for networking, sharing and growth for the individual woman and her business. Our programs have been designed on a variety of topics based on member input and following the organization’s mission key words of Achieve, Discover and Develop. Speakers draw from their own personal experiences or business paradigms to teach, inform and inspire their audiences. Community outreach efforts were identified. The Women’s Residential & Counseling Center (WRCC) run by the Coaliton for the Homeless was the first group to reap the rewards of WLN’s fundraising and hands-on work in a downtown renovation project at their facility.

 In 2005 WLN adopted another outreach organization, the Women’s Residential Program (WRP) run by the Center for Drug Free Living. WLN has been involved in providing these centers Lessons for Living educational programs and annual Christmas parties.

 In the fall of 2006, the Board agreed that they needed some time to reflect on the organization’s accomplishments and look forward to what’s next. Women’s Leadership Network changed it’s name to Women’s Leadership Connection. to clarify it’s purpose of connecting with other women. Why the change? Over the last several years “networking” has evolved from a general “connecting with others” meaning to a more standard definition of business events with a business card exchange. The Women’s Leadership Connection is about women connecting with other women from all walks of live – so our name needed to change to reflect our true purpose. The Board agreed that the mission, vision, and values should not change.

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